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A Supply Chain Nightmare—Got Milk?

Procurement - Alisha Paulsen - March 20, 2018

Could you find, vet, and secure a new vendor for an entire region in 90 days? That’s what these large-scale milk producers have been tasked…

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Six Key Points to Optimizing Spend

Procurement - Alisha Paulsen - March 1, 2018

For many years now, procurement teams have been working towards cutting costs and increasing revenue—commonly known as spend management. Best-in-class procurement organizations are doing more…

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7 Ways to Boost Your Procurement Efficiency

Procurement - Alisha Paulsen - January 23, 2018

For procurement professionals, efficiency is key. Below are 7 traits that will boost your efficiency and ensure faster, smarter, and more productive work. Why do…

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Whiteboard Wednesday: 3 Goals of Modern Procurement Teams

Procurement, Whiteboard Wednesday - Alycia Simpson - November 29, 2017

Modern procurement teams should have three goals: to assure compliance, deliver value, and enable growth. So how do you make these happen? What’s needed isn’t…

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Procurement, it’s here. The Essential Guide to Using Contracts to Manage Risk and Maintain Compliance.

Procurement, Uncategorized - Alycia Simpson - October 19, 2017

What is speed costing you, Procurement? Risk management. Which means money. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Move fast without creating risk. Here’s…

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The Procurement Process and Contract Management: The Key to Managing Risk

Procurement - Matt Lhoumeau - August 8, 2017

This article originally appeared in Spend Matters on August 1st, 2017: View Here It’s no secret. Organizations are losing millions due to cost volatility, supply…

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Welcome to The Newest Corporate Leader—The New General Counsel

Contract Management, Procurement - Alycia Simpson - July 11, 2017

Business strategist. Protector. Enabler. Here’s how CEOs, board members, and other top officers see the GC of today and what they’ll need to be successful…

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The Next Procurement Frontier? Reconciling Speed and Compliance

News, Procurement - Matt Lhoumeau - June 23, 2017

This article originally appeared in Spend Matters on June 21th, 2017: Click here for original article As the pace of business continues to accelerate, procurement…

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10 Skills That Every Procurement Official Should Have—Part Two

Procurement - Guest Post - May 18, 2016

A continuation of 10 Skills That Every Procurement Official Should Have, Part One, here we continue to cover the additional skills that will be most valuable…

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10 Skills That Every Procurement Official Should Have—Part One

Procurement - Ethan Mercer - May 16, 2016

Procurement officers have typically been focused on two things: ensuring the delivery of goods and services while keeping costs as low as possible. While these…

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