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Top 4 Contract Risks

Contract Management - Alisha Paulsen - March 13, 2018

The average company has 20,000-40,000 contracts. How do you make sure these contracts, one of a company’s most lucrative sources of revenue, are properly protected?…

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Beyond Features: Contract Management for the C-Suite

Contract Management - Travis Bickham - February 13, 2018

End users often focus on the day-to-day benefits of software features, but successful change management requires understanding how a new tool will impact underlying business…

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6 Tips for Improving Redlining, Editing, and Negotiating in Contracts

Contract Management - Alisha Paulsen - February 6, 2018

Redlining, negotiating, and editing contracts are a crucial part of creating a well-executed and successful contract. This process may seem complicated, but with the right…

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The 2018 Contract Success Checklist

Contract Management - Alisha Paulsen - January 17, 2018

What are your goals for 2018—increase efficiency? Improve compliance? Starting 2018 Smarter means making the decisions that help you work smarter, not harder. To do…

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Create and manage company level approvals in the new Approval Workflow Center

Contract Management - Alisha Paulsen - January 16, 2018

Getting the right signatures on the right document and quickly is key not only to maintaining compliance, but to accelerating deals On the Concord platform…

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Best Practices for Obtaining Contract Renewal Opportunities With Vendors

Contract Management - Alisha Paulsen - January 9, 2018

We’ve talked about the stages of a contract lifecycle and best practices for contract management, but when it comes to renewals, it’s much more than…

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Our Top 10 Blog Posts from 2017

Contract Management - Alisha Paulsen - January 3, 2018

Can’t believe it’s already 2018? We can’t either. To start off the new year, we took a look back at our top posts of 2017.…

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‘Twas the Night Before Deadlines: A Concord Holiday Video

Contract Management - Alisha Paulsen - December 14, 2017

’Twas the night before deadlines, and the teams were cramming to close a deal. Will it be a Christmas nightmare or a holiday miracle? There’s…

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Contract Management Best Practices: 15 Questions to Ask That Will Streamline the Contract Process

Concord Tips, Contract Management - Alisha Paulsen - December 8, 2017

Contract management can be streamlined and simplified to minimize risk, cost, and increase revenue. How? These key questions assess current processes to show you where…

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The 7 Stages of Contract Management

Contract Management - Alisha Paulsen - December 7, 2017

All business agreements should be finalized with a contract. To mitigate any risk in those agreements and create strategic relationships, contracts should be managed through…

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