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The Model T of Contracts and It’s Next-Gen Replacement

Contract Management - Alycia Simpson - September 21, 2017

There’s a time and place for everything. For manual contract processes that fall short of enabling teams to create more value, that time and place…

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100,000 Companies Now Using Concord for Contract Management

Contract Management - Travis Bickham - September 14, 2017

Concord, a leading contract management platform, now has 100,000 companies online and managing their contracts. The number of companies on the platform grew 400% in…

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The Future of Contracts

Contract Management - Alycia Simpson - August 25, 2017

The success of every business depends on them, the foundation of society was built on them—contracts. A brand new video. It’s true. Nobody is an…

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Investing In A Platform: The Model That Scales

Contract Management - Travis Bickham - August 17, 2017

This article originally appeared in Forbes on August 10th, 2017:  View Here A cursory examination of the S&P 500 leaderboard reveals that the shift from…

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The Secret to delivering more opportunities, revenue, and compliance?

Contract Management - Alycia Simpson - August 1, 2017

Looking for your next strategic growth area to boost finances? It’s staring you in the face. The fight to stay alive for many businesses is…

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Welcome to The Newest Corporate Leader—The New General Counsel

Contract Management, Procurement - Alycia Simpson - July 11, 2017

Business strategist. Protector. Enabler. Here’s how CEOs, board members, and other top officers see the GC of today and what they’ll need to be successful…

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The Business Building Rockstars Show – Tech Tip Tues Featuring Concord

Contract Management - Guest Post - June 27, 2017

When Nicole Holland of The Business Building Rockstars Show needed a contract signed by four different parties and also witnessed, she went searching. What she…

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Thriving in the Relationship Economy—and why contracts are key to your success

Contract Management, News - Alycia Simpson - June 2, 2017

Your biggest, untapped asset will define your future, drive increased profits, and accelerate growth. But only if you’re managing it correctly. What’s the key to…

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IFRS 15: What it means & how you guarantee compliance with it

Contract Management, News - Alycia Simpson - May 18, 2017

Come January 2018, businesses will need to be compliant with IFRS 15. Here’s what is it, why this is changing, who is affected, and what…

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Why Top Sales Organizations Push Hard on Contract Management

Concord Tips, Contract Management - Travis Bickham - May 9, 2017

Paying taxes. Getting locked out of your email. Missing the first five minutes of the previews. Everyone has a personal epitome of frustration. For me,…

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